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Can I Bring CBD on A Plane?

The answer is now yes! As of May 29, 2019, all CBD products that are within the regulations of the 2018 Farm Bill will now be aloud on flights within the United States. This now means that millions will be able to fly with their medications and treatments without the unnecessary fear of government interference. This is a major win for CBD in a time that it appears the government is taking backwards steps on the deregulation of a miracle product.

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CBD and Hemp Infused Coffee: A Review

What is CBD Infused Coffee Like? CBD and coffee seems like an odd pair, but the subtle relaxation of CBD blended with the stimulating alertness of caffeine makes for an excellent combination. I tested Colorado Hemp Honey's - Hemp Infused Coffee before a day at the office and compared it with my regular brew, a blend of Indian Malabar and Mexican Italian beans. The hemp infused coffee features medium/dark roast Columbian Supremo beans for a full bodied flavor with a smooth finish and earthy smell.

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Treating Arthritis Pain with CBD

CBD can be used as an organic alternative to chemically produced, over the counter pain relievers. The cannabidiol molecule’s specific qualities target the main causes of arthritis pain and inflammation. Naturally occurring, it is sustainable and a better alternative to poisoning your body with the toxifying compounds found in most pain relievers.

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