CBD and Hemp Infused Coffee: A Review

What is CBD Infused Coffee Like?

CBD and coffee seems like an odd pair, but the subtle relaxation of CBD blended with the stimulating alertness of caffeine makes for an excellent combination. I tested Colorado Hemp Honey's - Hemp Infused Coffee before a day at the office and compared it with my regular brew, a blend of Indian Malabar and Mexican Italian beans. The hemp infused coffee features medium/dark roast Columbian Supremo beans for a full bodied flavor with a smooth finish and earthy smell. I drank it black to understand the flavor profile and although infused with hemp, it did not taste like terpenes, which is surprising considering the 28 mg of CBD and 43mg of full spectrum CBD extract.

The effects started subtle but were noticeable. About half an hour after drinking my first cup I felt the usual rush of caffeine but instead of the anxiety that comes with stimulants, I had an overall sense of well being and relaxation. I would recommend this as a weekend treat, its stimulating yet calming effects are best suited for an early morning and would pair well with a nice view and a bathrobe. 10/10 would recommend and always available on Green Market CBD's website!

~ Braxton

Green Market CBD Sommelier

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