Raspberry Rooibos Tea Mix, Green Market CBD
Raspberry Rooibos Tea Mix, Green Market CBD

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Raspberry Rooibos Tea Mix

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The delicious essence of raspberry brings a powerful vitality to this elixir. We contrast this with the potent flavors of blended rooibos and black tea. Contains 250mg OLEO Micro-Encapsulated CBD per jar. *Caffeinated*

Made From Real Rooibos & Black Tea

Add our Raspberry CBD Tea Mix into a cup of hot water and you’ll be quickly energized from the natural rooibos & black tea extract. Our tea mixes contain absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colorings, or other questionable additives so it will taste exactly as it should.


Our tea mixes are made from real rooibos black tea



OLEO is THC Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free & Vegan

Powered By OLEO

Each serving of tea is infused with 25mg OleoCBD™. Our Micro-Encapsulation process coats CBD particles in a natural binding material, which allows the CBD to dissolve easily in cold water. This form of CBD is water-soluble and has a higher absorption/bioaccessibility than is found when compared to other forms of CBD.


Infused with 25mg OLEO Micro-Encapsulated Cannabinoids